Jon Loftus
Customer Review
Just went to pick up some Amsoil and was blown away by how clean everyone's work area's were!
Barbara Ann Light
Customer Review
Amazing people! My college daughter had a tail light burn out. She was nervous aboutI driving without it working. I called from NJ and they said to come on down. They were so nice and took care of the car right away.. so happy to find such nice people
Matt Bartell
Customer Review
I recently bought a 2010 Jeep Wrangler with a severe front end shake. My local mechanic of 25 yrs could not find a problem. A 2" lift caused the problem that my mechanic doesn't normally do. So I took it to Dave & Wayne and $175 later it was fixed. I was imagining a $600 bill so imagine my surprise! They fixed the problem and listed other things they found to be addressed by my local mechanic. This company is GREAT! The Jeep goes there from now on, my other car can go to my other mechanic. I asked Amy to thank the mechanic who worked on my car for being SO thorough. They are truly an old style garage who cares about their customers and not ripping them off. If you need auto service and in the area stop in!

The staff was quick and responsive. They did a good job.

- (Review left on Facebook by Abelardo M.)

The business was honest and cost-effective.

- (Review left on Facebook by Jaasiel V.)

They were up front and honest about everything.

- (Review left on Facebook by Gabriel C.)

Half the price of another place I called.

- (Review left on Facebook by Gregory L.)

Staff members were excellent. They were very pleasant to greet me and treat me as a valued customer.

- (Review left on Facebook by Kantner S.)

Perfect job with providing service on his vehicle.

- (Review left on Facebook by Todd L.)

These guys are professional and get it done right the first time. Highly recommended.

- (Review left on Facebook by Justin G.)

Good quality work for a fair price.

- (Review left on Facebook by Kaitlin B.)

The staff was able to figure out a problem that eluded others and fixed the issue in a timely manner.

- (Review left on Facebook by David G.)

The service was efficient and the staff was friendly.

- (Review left on Facebook by Jennifer N.)

Always save us money even if it's just a tune-up!

- (Review left on Facebook by Andrew O.)

Got my vote! Thanks!

- (Review left on Facebook by Jim T.)

Trustworthy and reliable guys. They never get it wrong.

- (Review left on Facebook by Anne F.)

I didn't have an appointment but they took me right in. They all very nice and did the job very quickly and the $$ was right.

- (Review left on Facebook by Karen L.)

My first visit was for the 1st annual 4x4 show at Dave &Wayne Auto Center. Very friendly. I liked the show and I hope it continues to grow! I’m looking forward to doing business with them in the future.

- (Review left on Facebook by Emilio C.)

They are the most trustworthy, talented, awesome mechanics in the area. Our family has been going to them since they opened in a little hole in the wall on Frankford St.

- (Review left on Facebook by Dave H.)

First off, I admit that I think many mechanics and shops deserve the negative perception applied to them by many people. I've had my share of being told that my car needed something which I'm sure that it did not, just to inflate the bill, and most people I know have had similar experiences. It's been especially frustrating when I've spent hundreds of dollars on 'repairs' that did nothing to fix the problem. I understand that some issues can be complicated to diagnose, but please don't just keep charging me money for items that may or not fix the problem. I just want to find a competent, honest mechanic who I know I can trust to not rip me off if they can't fix the problem.


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